Tor Browser 7.0.10

A free and open-source software solution to protect your anonymity online

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1

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TOR is a software that is used by people who wish to protect their anonymity while they participate in online activities. The TOR software allows for anonymity by directing online traffic through a series of relays that thwarts any surveillance attempts. By doing so, it becomes very difficult, if not entirely impossible, to trace a TOR user's online activities. The NSA has called TOR the leader in Internet anonymity software, with no other immediate contenders to their throne.

TOR uses several different layers of encryption, TOR is actually an acronym for The Onion Router. TOR enables users to hide their IP address by sending traffic through a series of digital relays. Each relay further increases the level of obscurity until it becomes virtually impossible to trace back the traffic to the actual user. This is all done without the original IP address ever being revealed.


  • For those who work with highly classified files on their personal computer, TOR will allow the user to keep them safe from hackers or security breaches.
  • Advanced users who have a deep knowledge of the web will have the opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of Internet security.
  • Setting up a client is simple and so is configuration. Much of the configuration is also optional.
  • If you don't wish to be viewed by Internet watchdogs while participating in downloading and torrenting, TOR is useful. If you are an online whistle-blower of some kind, i.e. a Wikileaks contributor or something along those lines, you may need this kind of software.
  • No need for a paid subscription or dealing with cumbersome ads blocking your browsing.


  • TOR uses a lot of the computer's resources, which can lead to crashes and needing to reboot. High-speed browsing is nearly impossible. If you're trying to watch video or listen to audio, both of these actions can be problematic.
  • Entering your name or using any sort of personal information on Tor means taking a massive risk. TOR is not safe from attacks, and hackers can often tap into your information by finding vulnerable software on your PC.
  • An agency with the expertise and resources to do extensive surveillance could still recover your activity, using the beginning and end points of the IP traffic to find out which activities were initiated by your PC.
  • Some websites that can only be accessed via Tor have come under fire from federal agencies, including the FBI and NSA. You might be putting yourself at risk by visiting sites that may even promote criminal activities
  • Tor can actually end up reducing your privacy. Any person anywhere can easily set up a node using TOR and collect your personal information, there is no regulation on this network. That is of course assuming that they can also crack the encryption
  • Any traffic you send using Tor will be considered as traffic of a foreign national by US federal agencies along with the lack of constitutional protection. Until you’re identified as a citizen, the laws governing your rights as a US citizen do not apply to you.

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